HVAC Coating Services

What does Southern Comfort offer?

Southern Comfort offers MicroGuard® product finishes and applications across a wide variety of surfaces.

At a glance, MicroGuard® product finishes have been designed for the protection of non-ferrous metals, concrete floors, walls and other masonry surfaces.

Some examples are, ceramic tile & grout, terrazzo, decorative stone, barrel tile or pre-finished roof surfaces.

The MicroGuard® Family of Self-Curing, Inorganic, Siloxane Products offer disincentive combinations of properties associated with high performance protective coatings.

  • Outstanding resistance to ultra-violet degradation
  • Excellent weather ability Superior abrasion & ablation resistance
  • Highly resistant to water, solvents, acid or base exposures
  • Highly resistant to yellowing, chalking or hazing
  • Very high-heat resistant characteristics Superb mold & mildew resistance feature
  • Extremely transparent, water-clear finish
  • Excellent gloss retention properties Hydrophobic film characteristics
  • Naturally repellent, positively charged cured film
  • Superior adhesion and bonding properties

MicroGuard® HVAC/R protective treatments are designed for use on heating and air conditioning equipment; coils, fins, tubes, fans and even oxidized cabinets. These products can be installed on units before installation or on previously installed field units with equal success. MicroGuard® HVAC/R protective treatments retard corrosion on the non-ferrous metal fins and tubes, thus, extending the life of the equipment asset and helping to maintain good air flow efficiencies. This fact has been substantiated by numerous salt chamber tests using ASTM B-117. Coated aluminum fin stock was subjected to well in excess of 6,000 hours in the salt spray chamber and showed no consequential degradation, due to corrosion.

Why Use Adsil’s MicroGuard® HVAC/R Protective Coating System?

MicroGuard® provides several compelling benefits to the owner/customer for the protection of HVAC/R equipment which conventional competitive coatings cannot offer. These important benefits are:

Corrosion Protection & Extension of Operating Life!

Conventional Coatings:

Corrosive Protection: Yes.Dry Film Thickness: 2000 – 6000 Microns.

Heat Transfer Efficiency: Loss of 5 – 15%.

Limited Warranty can be obtained for a fee or no warranty offered.

Potential for Adhesion Failure: High potential for de-laminating, due to a weaker mechanical bond. Can clog fin channels causing poor air flow.

UV & Heat Resistance: UV exposure causes oxidation. Heat may prematurely break down coating.

Installation Cost Estimate: 10% to 12% of new unit cost, plus freight costs from factory to coating center and then to installation site.

Extension of Replacement Cycle: Deferred capital expenditure due to longer operation life.

MicroGuard® Protective Coating:

Corrosive Protection: Yes.Dry Film Thickness: 6 – 8 Microns.

Heat Transfer Efficiency: No Impact.

5 Year Limited Warranty – No Extra Charge.

Potential for Adhesion Failure: No, due to its chemical bond.

UV & Heat Resistance: Yes – High resistance.

Installation Cost Estimate: 8 – 10% of new unit cost.

Extension of Replacement Cycle: Deferred capital expenditure due to longer operation life.

Conventional Coatings:
Energy Consumption: 4 to 10% Increase.Laminar Flow Impact: Reduces air flow up to 10%Hidden Cost Impacting Energy: Must specify larger condenser coil to compensate for heat transfer loss.
MicroGuard® Protective Coating:
Energy Consumption: -5 to -15% reduction.Laminar Flow Impact: Increases air flow up to 10%Hidden Cost Impacting Energy: None