Is our product environmentally safe?

Yes, our product is a clear, inorganic surface treatment. Once applied our protective coating will not run or bleed and is 100% safe to all!

Can anyone afford to treat their home AC unit?


Do I need to be at home when the service technician arrives?

No, But please be sure to have all pets inside or placed on a leash and all gates are unlocked.

How long will a treatment last on my beach-side AC units and Cooling Towers?

Many factors are at play when answering this question. Where is the unit located; is the unit in a high traffic area; is the unit in shade or sunlight. Proper cleaning should also be performed by your AC contractor on a quarterly schedule. Despite most conditions our coating will last for the life of the equipment!

I have a critical piece of equipment that can not cool below a certain temperature. Will my Air Conditioner need to be powered off during application?

Yes, but your unit(s) should not be down any longer than a normal run cycle during the cleaning and coating process.