About Southern Comfort Protective Systems

We are Southern Comfort Protective Systems, a Master Applicator for ADSIL™. Approved and certified to apply Adsil AD 35 offering a 5 Year Product Warranty on the Condenser Coil.

We have in excess of 35 years combined experience in the entire spectrum of air conditioning units from manufacturing to maintenance. In addition we have a vast knowledge of facilities maintenance and indoor air quality solutions.

Our clients include, University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Sea World, Various Disney Properties, Orange County Government, various County School Boards, also many Major Equipment Manufacturers and Various Mechanical, Industrial, Commercial and Residential HVAC/R Contractors both Large and Small

Why Southern Comfort Protective Systems

We offer a 5 Year Product Warranty. Click Here for PDF File

We can field apply our coating to new or existing equipment. Data shows increases in cooling efficiency and reductions in energy consumption in virtually all systems with any discernable corrosion, whilst vastly extending the life expectancy of your equipment.

  • Our Product penetrates and protects up to 12 row coils
  • We can coat your entire piece of equipment, not just the coils and fins
  • All applicators are factory trained and certified. Virtually no dis-assembly of your equipment required
  • In most cases we offer next day service
  • We are privately and locally owned and operated
  • Your routine maintenance is vastly reduced because you no longer need corrosive and sometimes toxic coil cleaners. Adsil™ coated equipment requires only clean water and non-acid coil cleaner to remove deposits.